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24/7 live answering services and small business call center solutions for your growing small business. Every call from a customer is an opportunity, and our professional receptionists here to assist.

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A small business answering service is ideal for any local brand that wants to deliver a solid first impression to customers. We all know that this is an integral part of your overall success.

At AnswerPro, we take pride in having a team of trained virtual receptionists courteous, professional, and ready to provide your potential and existing customers the opportunity to speak to a live person when you’re not available. In times when most small businesses are not always open 24/7, this can be a great way to offer responsive customer service and dominate the local competition, while building a stellar reputation.

With us, you can meet your customers’ needs and exceed their expectations, especially when you’re not available. Below is a list of standard features of our award-winning answering services and can be added to support your small business’s growth. If you want to maximize the potential of your unanswered calls and manage them effectively, check out what our live call answering service has to offer.

Small Business Answering Service Solutions

Below is a list of standard features of our award-winning answering services and can be added to support your small business’s growth. If you want to maximize the potential of your unanswered calls and manage them effectively, check out what our live call answering service has to offer.

24/7 Live Answering Services

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At AnswerPro, we take pride in working with hundreds of small businesses to deliver an exceptional caller experience every time and for every call.

Are you a small business owner that is struggling with answering incoming calls? When the demand for your services increases, you will need a professional 24-hour live answering service to improve your call response time to improve your service delivery.

Our live answering services give you full customer service support during and after your regular business hours. With us, you can provide your callers maximum attention and get the most out of your phone coverage, without worrying whether you miss any calls.

Our small business answering services aim to support you while letting you focus on the essential tasks for your daily business operations. Whether you need order entry, tech support, basic messaging, or any other message taking service, our small business call center is explicitly geared to the needs of small business owners and will always show you the difference in serving your clients 24/7.

Appointment Scheduling

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There are many phone answering services available in the marketplace today. And while many of them are designed to support small businesses, only a few come with additional features and options such as appointment scheduling. If you are a small business owner who often receives appointment requests, we can make this tedious task easy and directly schedule appointments with your clients within our system or straight into yours.

Kind and courteous, AnswerPro has a virtual receptionist service that answers every call with a smile. We pride ourselves on superior customer service delivery and give our clients as much care and attention as they would if they answered the phones themselves.

Our virtual receptionist service gives you maximum control over your phone and acts as your outsourced administrative assistant. Instead of answering calls from your smartphone or office, our agents will politely greet anyone who has dialed your number – potentially leading them to schedule an appointment with you.

Call Routing

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Our call routing option is ideal for small business owners, forwarding all calls to whatever line or person you want. We can take messages or route calls to any number that you provide us. Our call center for small businesses is designed to give you the comfort of virtually being present in your office, even if you physically aren’t.

Whatever you choose, you should know that with AnswerPro, you will always get the most affordable investment options to minimize your cost and maximize your revenue. You pay for only what you use – and get a professional call center at a fraction of the cost of an in-house team.

Message Taking

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If you are away from your desk or office, our virtual receptionists will answer your calls, accurately gather the caller’s information, and deliver it to you instantly.

We can take as many messages as you need and send the message detail via text or email. With us, you can maximize your productivity and take advantage of all the calls you receive while you are not available.

Lead Capture

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Did you know that being able to engage with prospects when they call is one of the most overlooked aspects of marketing campaigns nowadays?

As a small business owner, you shouldn’t let this happen to you. This is where our lead capture answering service comes to play, offering you the best advantage over your competitors and a lead capture service that makes sure your investment is always worth it.

The truth is, capturing sales leads is a process that requires a specific approach to convert a prospect’s interest into a sale. Our continuous goal is to contribute to your success.

If you have a large sales team, we can even route the leads to them based on your chosen criteria.

Order Entry / Sales

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Scale your business by using our order taking call center services. By being virtually open 24/7, you now have the edge over your competition, especially during peak periods or seasons.

AnswerPro can assist you with order entry services that can place orders, process returns, and even integrate within your ordering system. Our order-taking call center can be a great asset if you want to free up your staff’s precious time and prioritize other tasks over taking orders. Our professional customer service representatives won’t let you down – they are equipped with excellent skills and a technology that can add value when tasked with order entry, sales information, and more.

Overflow Support

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Did you know that about 90% of people hang up the phone out of frustration when they cannot reach a real person?

Every small business owner has to refuel now and then. If you have to answer your phone by yourself, you know this and know how valuable it can be for you if you step away from your phone – even for a day.

Our call taking experts can help you with this. We can assist you during any high season or period when you have a high call volume. Our ultimate goal is to prevent any missed calls or calls that are going to voicemail. Our award-winning answering service is the best form of extra help a small business can get to maximize sales, efficiency, and profitability.

Benefits of 24-Hour Small Business Answering Service

Nowadays, small businesses can’t afford to miss out on the benefits of a live answering service. AnswerPro can be your virtual receptionist, taking calls and answering questions, scheduling appointments, routing specific calls to any number or department, and ensuring that your clients receive exceptional, responsive customer service.

With our call overflow service, we can handle substantial call volumes during peak seasons, unexpected times, and more. We can work as an extension of your small business and provide live telephone answering services during nights, weekends, and vacations.

Another great benefit of choosing us for your telephone answering needs is the cost. You can avoid all of the high wages and overhead costs and management associated with hiring in-house employees. To have a 24-hour phone answering service for your callers, we all know that you need an in-house team, which drastically increases these costs. With us, however, you can get a small business call center that will take messages, forward calls, and send you updates as per your instructions.

We pride ourselves on having bilingual staff, which is of significant importance for small businesses serving English and Spanish speaking clients. All of this lets you maximize your performance and make the most of every dollar spent on our answer service. Available 24/7, and with many additional features you can choose, AnswerPro is ready to take care of all your live answering needs, regardless of the size, type, or industry.

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"Answer Pro has served as my overnight and weekend answering service for nearly 20 years and they never drop the ball!" - Steven Smith | Northland Orthopedics and Sports Medicine

Let’s Discuss Small Business Answering Service Needs

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