We have the answering service and call center solutions needed to make your business successful. But don’t just take it from us! Here's what some of our clients have to say about working with AnswerPro.

At Bordner Home Improvement we value communication more than most because in our industry of construction and remodel communication with contractors can be tricky. Sometimes non-existent. So we partnered with AnswerPro to make sure that our clients are getting a live agent locally in Kansas City that is picking up their call and can answer some of their questions and route their calls to the right people. AnswerPro is amazing at being an extension of our business. They take calls when our local office can’t and we have gone down to a very low voicemail rate and have live agents taking calls. Their customer service is 110% and their response rate is bar none. Very grateful to be using AnswerPro for our business to grow. Bordner Fleenor | Bordner Home Improvement
Answer Pro has served as my overnight and weekend answering service for nearly 20 years and they never drop the ball! Steven Smith | Northland Orthopedics and Sports Medicine
I just wanted to take a moment to share how incredible your team is. You all use the term “partnering” often and that is exactly what it feels like. We KNOW that your staff is in the worst position. They are receiving calls when people are frustrated. Your team is always so positive and communicates details so well. From the staff that is managing calls to you guys answering our questions, it truly feels like a great team. | Readiness Rounds
AnswerPro does a great job at all levels. Their frontline group is very professional, responsive and knowledgeable. Their management group is very responsive and great to work with. I definitely recommend them! John | Thermal Services
Josh and his team of agents are very professional as they support our inbound and outbound calls for Zippy Shell Columbus. They have gone above and beyond when they established the account for us. We have since experienced amazing responsiveness and follow since inception. Thank you AnswerPro team! Dave Rothman | Zippy Shell Greater Columbus

HIPAA Compliance
AnswerPro is fully compliant with the HIPAA Standards for Privacy, Electronic Transactions and Security (including the HITECH Act and the Omnibus Rule of 2013). AnswerPro has implemented policies, processes and procedures designed to ensure compliance with Federal and State information security laws, regulations and rules and monitors ongoing compliance efforts and maintains various reporting mechanisms that are required by law of requested by its customers. AnswerPro recognizes that it is a key business partner with its customers and will continue to provide all of its various programs and services in accordance with the relevant requirement of all state and federal laws and regulations including as applicable HIPAA.

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More than just an outside answering service, AnswerPro is a team that is ready to help you grow your business by taking your communication to the next level.