Live Answering Service For Real Estate Agents and Brokers

Never miss an important call when you are busy showing homes, serving home buyers and sellers, or marketing your listings. Our professional receptionists can answer your phones, schedule appointments, and route time-sensitive calls so you can focus on efficiently managing your real estate business.

Let's Discuss Your Real Estate Answering Service Needs

Real estate agencies and brokerage firms are always in communication with owners and buyers. People looking to rent, lease, source a valuation, sell their property, or purchase a new home want the very best for their money. However, the key to success in this industry lies in building trusted and responsive relationships and ensuring that no communication goes unattended.

If you own a real estate agency, you probably know that there are many answering services available today. However, we want you to know about the benefits of partnering with AnswerPro and how our real estate answering service can improve your agency’s reputation and help you save on internal resource costs.

At AnswerPro, we are here to provide your real estate business with a 24/7/365 presence equipped with trained professionals and the latest call center technology. We can cover all customer service touchpoints, including inbound and outbound voice calls, call routing, appointment scheduling, message taking, and more. Our virtual receptionist team will support your agency or brokerage during and after business hours, answering calls, and allowing your team to focus on optimizing operational efficiency.

Answering Service Solutions for Real Estate Firms of Any Size

With decades of combined experience, our team of call experts assists real estate agencies and property management companies with custom call center solutions for all of their needs. Below is a list of our answering services that support this industry.

24/7 Live Answering Services

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Show potential clients that your agents care about their needs by being virtually available for them. Enlist the support of our 24/7 live real estate and property management answering services. Whenever prospective or existing clients need your help, night or day, they will want to speak to a live person instead of a machine.

In light of the fact that around 90% or so of callers don’t leave a voicemail, having a phone answering service available 24 hours a day gives you a real competitive advantage, peace of mind, and continuous support for clients.

Appointment Scheduling

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Clients are busy. Real Estate agents are too. With AnswerPro’s appointment scheduling service, your agency gets more than just an answering service. We can set up, manage, and easily track your appointments and your agents know when and where they need to be and when changes have occurred.

Our appointment scheduling system for real estate agencies is unique and built with your needs in mind. We are here to answer incoming calls and schedule appointments by integrating within your system or with ours. With options such as easy setup, additional features, customizations, and affordable pricing, we are proud to have the perfect appointment scheduling service for real estate companies.

Call Routing

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Real estate agencies receive a wide variety of calls, which is why it’s important to have the option to prioritize and make sure that every caller gets responsive service. With AnswerPro, you will never miss a call again!

Our client support agents are here to route calls to a specific person or a department within your real estate agency or property management company. We offer incredibly reliable call routing services, which provide professional greetings, call transferring, and many other extras.

Simply put, we know how vital some calls are and how to direct them to the appropriate individual within your real estate company.

Message Taking

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At AnswerPro, we know that messages are of extreme importance. This is why we offer custom message-taking services to fit the needs of many real estate agencies nationwide. We are here to ensure that all messages include pertinent information that is required.

Agency owners and brokers can also customize how we gather message detail. We can organize messages to only collect the name and number of the caller, the address they are inquiring about, and even how soon they are looking to make a real estate purchase.

Lead Capture

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In the real estate business, any caller can be a potential lead. If agents are busy with paperwork or have to attend meetings or closings, we can capture detailed information about potential buyers and sellers with our lead capture and real estate answering service.

Our lead capture process can not only answer calls but transform callers into a potential listing! We will make sure that no call goes unanswered and generates leads from the people calling you on the phone.

Overflow Support

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If your agency’s in-house administrative staff isn’t working to the potential that is needed, make the switch and get professional real estate answering services at a fraction of the price you’d pay employees.

AnswerPro can handle all inbound calls, whether they come during regular business hours, after-hours, or on weekends. With our call experts working on behalf of your agents, they will be 100% confident knowing that there will be no drop in the quality of the callers’ experience.

During peak times, our 24-hour answering service for real estate agents and property managers will process all calls without interruption to your office. We are the perfect partner for any real estate agency.

Benefits of 24/7 Live Answering Service for Real Estate Agents and Firms

Our call agents can answer general questions about showings and set appointments for any real estate business. Make the most of your marketing efforts by ensuring that a live receptionist answers any after-hours calls. We ensure that agents’ calendars stay full while others focus on managing operational efficiency.

Many busy real estate offices have challenges associated with answering calls without interruption. However, most don’t know that outsourcing calls to a specialized answering service can drastically reduce costs, offering an affordable alternative to hiring an in-house team.

At AnswerPro, we have vast experience working with real estate offices and residential/commercial property management firms. Our agents can answer all calls politely and professionally, ensuring they understand the client’s needs, answering general questions about showings, and scheduling appointments.

With our live 24/7 real estate answering service for real estate companies, clients will know that they will be assisted whenever they call. All of this leads to an improved reputation and a lot of happy clients leading more referrals.

Known as the best solution for answering calls, our real estate answering services consist of live receptionists and client support agents who have been professionally trained to answer the types of calls that come into your office.

AnswerPro’s agents are friendly, professional, and prompt when answering calls. We are fully equipped to provide callers with information about your agency, take messages and details, schedule appointments, and route important calls.

For many real estate offices, brokerages, and property management companies, the best part of working with us is our ability to create custom scripts that can be used when answering a wide variety of call types. This way, all calls, including after-hours and weekends, are met with a live receptionist that can capture new leads and make sure calendars stay full while others in the office focus on growing their book of business.

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"I just wanted to take a moment to share how incredible your team is. You all use the term “partnering” often and that is exactly what it feels like. We KNOW that your staff is in the worst position. They are receiving calls when people are frustrated. Your team is always so positive and communicates details so well. From the staff that is managing calls to you guys answering our questions, it truly feels like a great team." - | Readiness Rounds

Let’s Discuss Your Real Estate Answering Service Needs

More than just an outside answering service, AnswerPro is a team that is ready to help you grow your business by taking your communication to the next level.