Disaster Restoration & Emergency Clean Up Answering Services

Fire, smoke, water . . . Many damaging elements require immediate restoration. If left untreated, these problems can cause even more significant damage. With AnswerPro, you can expect a prompt and accurate response to any restoration emergency. We can handle all your calls, whether it’s answering your emergency cleaning or disaster restoration calls or routing them to your appropriate on-call staff.

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Answering Service Solutions for Cleaning & Restoration Companies

A quick response is critical when a disaster strikes. With AnswerPro, you should expect the most reliable phone answering service for emergency restoration and cleaning companies. Our agents are here to reassure them that support is on the way, providing the best emergency restoration answering service in the country. We fully understand the need for an urgent response and superior customer service – and that your callers deserve to talk to a live person when reporting emergencies such as:

Water Damage

Water creeps into every crack and crevice, which is why it is one of the most unwanted home invaders. AnswerPro’s emergency cleaning service call center has agents trained to respond to calls quickly, routing or providing immediate feedback.

Basement Flooding

Basement floods cause significant problems and require prompt emergency cleaning. You can rely on our team of experienced live agents to route the calls to your appropriate on-call staff or department and take care of the problem in the easiest way.

Fire Damage

Fire is among the most destructive forces on Earth. Without proper emergency fire restoration, you could find yourself dealing with significant damage for a long time. We have experienced live phone agents who can manage all priority calls and handle the situation as quickly as possible.

Flood Damage

Floods are common in homes and commercial properties. However, managing these emergencies in the right way can be a challenge for in-house staff. With our emergency restoration service call center, you can expect quick answering and accurate dispatching at any time of day or night.

AnswerPro’s 24/7 emergency cleaning & restoration answering services include:

  • After-hours answering
  • Urgent/emergency dispatching
  • On-call schedule updates
  • Filtering non-emergency call
  • Custom call scripting solutions

After-hours Answering

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After-hours answering is an integral part of emergency cleaning & restoration answering services for cleaning companies. However, not everyone has the time throughout the day to answer calls, and our team is here to take these tasks off your plate.

Appointment Scheduling

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Our online scheduling software makes it easy for us to schedule, modify, or cancel appointments. With us, you will get more than just telephone answering. Most importantly, this service ensures that you never miss an appointment again. We update data in real-time and make it accessible to you and your staff.

Call Routing

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Our answering service for cleaning companies can route any or all calls based on your availability. For instance, we can route important calls about after-hours plumbing emergencies to an on-call technician.

Message Taking

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While some callers are used to leaving a message on your voicemail, we can ensure a direct point of contact. Most callers are more likely to leave a message with a real person rather than voicemail. By giving your customers the option to speak to a live person, you can capture all your leads.

Dispatching For On-Call Staff

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If you have a change in your on-call staff, we can support you. Our team can integrate with your pre-designed protocols and develop a response system for assessing and handling each emergency. Once we gather your caller’s information, we will transfer it to the appropriate members of your staff by phone, email, or text.

Answering FAQs

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Our live agents can answer frequently asked questions that your callers have. From your hourly rates and fees to the specifics about your services, we are an extension of your business and act as such – giving them all the information they need.

Benefits of After-Hours Answering Services for Emergency Cleanup and Restoration Companies

From harsh weather to fires, broken pipes, and floods, there are plenty of causes for restoration companies to be there for their customers when unexpected thing happens. With an answering service like AnswerPro, you won’t need to worry about the unexpected and always have a team that supports you and provides immediate assistance to the customers that need you most, all while being there for your non-emergency customers.

Our answering service is just as much of a benefit for your customers as it is for you. When a disaster strikes, your customers will get a rapid response to their needs. If they need to speak to a live person – their calls will be prioritized with no machines, voicemails, or automated menus. Our emergency disaster response call center is here to help you build trust and confidence with your customers and give them the security they need right from the start.

On another note, emergencies are times when trust is critical. Once we handle your customers’ emergencies professionally, they will turn to their family and friends for recommendations, and always remember that you were there for them day and night. This will motivate them to share their confidence in your business and give you more referrals.

Our Clients

"At Bordner Home Improvement we value communication more than most because in our industry of construction and remodel communication with contractors can be tricky. Sometimes non-existent. So we partnered with AnswerPro to make sure that our clients are getting a live agent locally in Kansas City that is picking up their call and can answer some of their questions and route their calls to the right people. AnswerPro is amazing at being an extension of our business. They take calls when our local office can’t and we have gone down to a very low voicemail rate and have live agents taking calls. Their customer service is 110% and their response rate is bar none. Very grateful to be using AnswerPro for our business to grow." - Bordner Fleenor | Bordner Home Improvement

Let’s Discuss Your Cleaning & Restoration Companies Answering Service Needs

More than just an outside answering service, AnswerPro is a team that is ready to help you grow your business by taking your communication to the next level.