Pediatrician Answering Service

Whether it’s routine appointment scheduling, after-hours answering, or emergency call routing, we are here to support your administrative staff and help you spend more time on your primary responsibilities.

Let’s Discuss Your Pediatrician Answering Service Needs

In most cases, it is the practitioners answering these calls and helping parents with their concerns regarding their child’s health. From minor issues like bee stings to true medical emergencies, prioritizing calls is extremely difficult, especially if you want to provide a calm and professional presence over the phone.

We all know how common it is for anxious parents to immediately call the pediatrician’s office regardless of the time of day. Over time, it can become stressful for pediatricians to answer all of the calls and provide each patient with the care they deserve.

A pediatrician answering service solves all of these problems. It is easily the best solution for handling your incoming calls so pediatric healthcare providers can focus on their patients. At AnswerPro, we pride ourselves on our skilled staff and assist callers with questions and requests.

Experienced Healthcare and Pediatrician Answering Service

Whenever a parent feels anxious about their child’s health, they call their pediatrician. The last thing a concerned parent would want is to reach voicemail and not speak with a live person. That is why pediatrician answering services effectively provide the extra assistance necessary to calm parents down and give them professional advice.

A 24/7 receptionist service for pediatricians is the best solution to the voicemail issue. Equipped with trained, professional, and courteous receptionists, our pediatrician answering service is always there to assist callers in ways possible.

With a pediatrician call center by your side, you can find relief from answering all of your calls, sorting out emergency and nonemergency calls, or conducting any other related tasks. Our professional agents at AnswerPro are trained, certified, HIPAA compliant, and experienced in answering all kinds of patient questions in telephone triage. We handle patient health information (PHI) carefully and ensure that each parent and their child will get the attention and support they truly deserve.

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Benefits of a Pediatrician Answering Service

Did you know that 25% of all patient phone calls occur after-hours or on weekends? And that 50% of patients prefer to schedule their appointments over the phone?

These statistics apply to parents calling pediatrician offices, which is why it is essential to consider a pediatrician answering service. The most significant benefit of all is that with a 24/7 answering solution like ours, you can rest assured that every caller gets the support they need.
Our live agents specialize in answering calls quickly and handling them professionally. We know how to calm parents, provide them with the assistance they need, and be present around the clock to provide every patient and caller with quality care.

Working with our pediatrician answering service means having plenty of options. Most of all, you will get the benefit of time savings and improved efficiency. For example, we can manage all of your general calls and route the urgent ones to any on-call physician.

For your patients, it can mean that they have a number they can call whenever they have a problem. Hiring virtual receptionists for your pediatrician office gives you plenty of cost savings, too – and our affordable pricing structure proves that.

With decades of experience and extensive training, our qualified agents are HIPAA certified and know how to manage medical calls that come into your office successfully.

We always aim for the ideal patient experience and are here to support your practice after-hours and on weekends. We assist callers no matter when they call, whether it’s a general question they need the answer to, a concern in the middle of the night, or a request to schedule an appointment.

Key Solutions for a Pediatric Call Center & Answering Service

24/7 Live Pediatric Answering Service

We will answer all of your medical calls 24/7, whether it’s after hours or weekends. Our pediatrician answering service is cost-effective and works as the perfect extension of your practice.

Appointment Scheduling

A successful pediatrician answering service supports appointment scheduling at any time of the day or night. Our agents are trained to schedule appointments with patients and reschedule as needed. We can integrate all of these appointments and work directly within your CRM or scheduling software.

HIPAA Compliant Answering Service

Our inbound answering service for pediatricians is HIPAA compliant. Our team of live agents is certified to ensure compliance, and they are experienced in managing sensitive data accordingly.

Nurse Triage Telephone Service

Our licensed nurse triage agents specialize in answering calls for pediatricians and other medical professionals and are trained as telephone triage nurses. We are here to offer many valuable services and assist your patients with getting the proper care at the right time.

Emergency Call Routing

You shouldn’t worry about emergency calls –we can route them to specified numbers and the right on-call practitioner. No matter what the time of the day or night is, we can route any urgent calls to your on-call physician. The routed calls can be specified with pre-defined criteria based on your unique needs and preferences.

Secure Medical Messaging

Our communication is secure and designed to align with HIPAA regulations. We know how to manage sensitive patient health information (PHI)securely.

Employee On-Call Reporting

Our pediatrician answering service can also work for your employees. Your employees can call a specific number (set up by us) to report their on-call shifts, tardiness, or any other important feedback, ensuring effective reporting.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Pediatrician Answering Service

What is a Pediatrician Answering Service?

Our pediatrician answering service supports pediatricians with live operators who can answer calls o...

Our pediatrician answering service supports pediatricians with live operators who can answer calls on their behalf. Besides standard telephone answering, we are also available 24/7 and can work with your custom scripts for after-hours emergency calls, emergency dispatching, and of course, appointment scheduling

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Do your receptionists only answer the phone?

Our professional team of live agents can assist with your phone lines to prevent callers from reachi...

Our professional team of live agents can assist with your phone lines to prevent callers from reaching your voicemail. However, a professional pediatrician answering service is the solution you need to provide your patients with responsive telephone answering.We are here to schedule appointments, support back-office administrative tasks, reduce incoming call volume with screening, and fulfill the requirements you would have from a pediatrician’s clinic receptionist. We can also route emergency calls to different numbers based on any pre-set criteria.

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Who will answer my patient’s phone calls?

Our bilingual operators include professional receptionists and telephone triage nurses located in mu...

Our bilingual operators include professional receptionists and telephone triage nurses located in multiple states across the country. All of our US-based call agents have vast experience answering calls related to pediatric care. They work as if they are at your front desk, providing exceptional patient support.

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Do you provide support to other types of pediatric practices?

We provide answering services for all types of pediatric offices, including general practice, surger...

We provide answering services for all types of pediatric offices, including general practice, surgery, ER, and adolescent medicine. AnswerPro is an industry leader in medical answering services, and we have experience designing tailored solutions for any medical practice.

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HIPAA Compliance
AnswerPro is fully compliant with the HIPAA Standards for Privacy, Electronic Transactions and Security (including the HITECH Act and the Omnibus Rule of 2013). AnswerPro has implemented policies, processes and procedures designed to ensure compliance with Federal and State information security laws, regulations and rules and monitors ongoing compliance efforts and maintains various reporting mechanisms that are required by law of requested by its customers. AnswerPro recognizes that it is a key business partner with its customers and will continue to provide all of its various programs and services in accordance with the relevant requirement of all state and federal laws and regulations including as applicable HIPAA.

Let’s Discuss Your Pediatric Answering Service Needs