24/7 Live Answering Services for lawn care & landscaping service companies

AnswerPro's landscaping answering service gives lawn care professionals peace of mind knowing that their calls will be answered 24/7. Ensure that you never miss another call with the right team by your side. We are here to help you capture every opportunity and convert live phone leads for landscaping and lawn care into returning customers.

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Answering Service Solutions for Lawn Care and Landscaping Professionals

Running a busy landscaping or lawn care business means dealing with phones that are ringing all the time. Keeping up with these calls and answering them is often challenging, especially for those in the field mowing lawns, pruning trees, and beautifying landscaped areas.

With AnswerPro’s customized lawn care answering service, it is now easier than ever to focus on your tasks and leave your telephone answering to true professionals like us. However, we know that there are times when you can’t keep up with all of the administrative functions associated with answering calls and organizing your schedule — this is where our award-winning call agents step in to bridge this gap.

Missed calls usually mean missed opportunities to get more business. By enlisting the support of a professional landscaping answering service, you can ensure new sales leads and service request information is gathered accurately so your callers won’t need to call your competition.

Our 24/7 live answering services and virtual receptionist staff are always available to answer your phones, filter non-emergency calls, and accurately dispatch urgent service requests to your on-call technician. There’s no difference between our call agents and your staff answering your phones — thanks to our custom call scripting solutions.

With our professional answering services, you can increase your business while saving on costs. Instead of hiring someone to work 40 hours a week, use our professional call agents for pennies on those payroll dollars and be virtually available anytime, all the time.

AnswerPro’s call agents are highly knowledgeable about the lawn care and landscaping industry and understand the types of calls coming into your office. With systems in place, we can help you improve your business operations and your service delivery.

AnswerPro’s 24/7 answering services for landscaping and lawn service companies include:

  • After-hours telephone answering
  • Call filtering
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Custom call scripting solutions
  • On-call schedule updates

After-hours Answering

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Lawn care professionals physically work hard, which means they need rest. This doesn’t stop people who need your services from calling, though, especially after-hours. A 24/7/365 lawn care answering service is available to take your calls anytime you’re not able to get to your phone.

With AnswerPro, you have live virtual receptionists and call agents who work after-hours to answer your calls, prevent missed sales opportunities, and deliver exceptional customer service even when your office is closed.

Appointment Scheduling

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Our live answering services for lawn care companies also include appointment scheduling as an option that assists with converting callers into paying customers. In addition, our telephony platform enables us to integrate and schedule appointments directly into your system so you can view them in real-time and effectively plan your schedule.

Having our team manage your appointments is easy. We’ll have access to your calendar and complete visibility as to when you’re available. Whenever you’re booked, we can adjust accordingly and schedule your next opening. In addition to scheduling your appointments, we also provide appointment confirmation and reminder services.

Call Filtering

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We can filter out non-emergency calls and make sure that the important calls are forwarded to the right person or department. We can even filter out all of those solicitation calls that come in, ensuring you only receive the calls and messages pertinent to your business.

Message Taking

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While some callers are used to leaving a message on your voicemail, we can ensure a direct point of contact. Most callers are more likely to leave a message with a real person rather than voicemail. By giving your customers the option to speak to a live person, you can capture all your leads.

Custom Call Scripting

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We offer you a way to customize your call scripts and modify your answering service solutions based on the types of calls that come into your office. We can create custom scripts to serve your callers better, and our live agents will adapt to them for a seamless call experience. In addition, we can work with you to develop and configure call handling instructions to provide the best landscaping answering service.

On-Call Schedule Updates

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If you have on-call employees and need to update their schedules, we can help you update them to ensure that messages are relayed to the right person every time. Our on-call schedule updating option is especially useful for our landscaping clients that have multiple crews.

Benefits of 24-Hour Answering Services for Landscape & Lawn Care Businesses

Landscapers and lawn care specialists need complete after-hours coverage and a professional answering service they can trust. AnswerPro can provide you with a solid competitive advantage to win new and upsell your repeat customers and referrals, improve your reputation, and ensure that no call is missed or sent to voicemail.

Our 24-hour landscaping answering service comes with affordable monthly packages that ensure 100% coverage. In addition, you can customize your answering script and make the most out of every call. We will provide you with custom reporting options, too, which are designed to help you grow your business based on insights.

Focusing on your landscaping and lawn care work has never been easier. Now, you can rely on AnswerPro and our team of experts to answer all of your calls, take messages, and dispatch based on your needs. In addition, we are highly efficient in capturing live phone leads for landscaping clients and are here to help you deliver exceptional customer service and grow your business.

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"Answer Pro has served as my overnight and weekend answering service for nearly 20 years and they never drop the ball!" - Steven Smith | Northland Orthopedics and Sports Medicine

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