Why HVAC Contractors Need A Professional & Reliable Answering Service

As an essential business, the heating and cooling industry is booming. According to a report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, it is expected that there will be a 14% increase in job availability for HVAC technicians by 2024. This means more competition and plenty of opportunities to increase business.

Here are some of the top challenges that HVAC companies currently face:

  • Not available to answer the phone
  • Time management
  • Ineffective use of multiple communication channels
  • Handling interruptions
  • Seasonal spikes in service calls
  • Substandard customer service levels

Luckily, the trend of outsourcing to an answering service is the best and most affordable solution to support HVAC business owners so they can alleviate these challenges. Now, heating and cooling professionals can get some relief by outsourcing their telephone answering to a service specializing in the types of calls they receive.

Below, we are addressing some of the main benefits of HVAC answering services.

Reduce Costs by Hiring A 24/7 Live Answering Service Specifically for HVAC Companies

One of the best ways HVAC companies can adapt to industry changes is by hiring a live answering service to answer and dispatch their incoming calls. The main benefit in doing so, is cost reduction. Outsourcing to an HVAC answering service is extremely affordable and comes at a fraction of the cost of hiring an in-house staff.

On the other hand, additional benefits include improved customer service, enhanced business image, simplified appointment scheduling, and 24/7 availability. Below, we are expanding on the benefits and showing you how an HVAC answering service can help your business thrive.

In the long run, having significant cost savings by outsourcing call answering is a great way to scale your business, hire more technicians, get better equipment, and improve your business reputation.

Gain A Competitive Edge and Put Your HVAC Business at The Forefront

If you work in the heating and cooling industry, you already know that having a stellar reputation for delivering excellent customer service positions your company as the local service provider of choice. This is also something that can put your business at the forefront and ahead of the competition.

When consumers have an exceptional customer experience, this is a vital factor in differentiating from the competition. A live answering service for HVAC companies can set the stage for a fantastic caller experience any time of day or night.

Create A Distraction-Free Environment

Did you know that most HVAC technicians are easily distracted when on the job or in the field?

There are plenty of distractions while working to fix an air conditioning unit or set up a heating system – with the main ones being phone calls and text messages.

Here’s another reason why a live HVAC answering service is an excellent solution. Instead of missing service request calls and other inquiries, have a team of professional call agents working on your behalf any time you’re aren’t available. You’ll never have to worry about ever missing a call again.

Without any distractions, call answering support can be the most effective option for HVAC business owners and their team. You can easily continue to work effectively without interruptions and manage field operations without distractions. This solution offers peace of mind that every call gets answered, and every opportunity is immediately captured.

Winning New Business Is Easy (When Done Right) On the Phone

Calling an HVAC company and reaching voicemail encourages hang-ups and lost opportunities for at least two-thirds of calls coming in. We don’t know any HVAC business that can afford to lose new sales opportunities. By hiring a 24/7/365 call center for at least after-hours support can be of great assistance.

The real benefit of a live answering service is when people call outside of regular business hours. Many times, this is when customers (and potential new ones) need your services the most. Enlisting an HVAC telephone answering service can surely help capture new business and schedule new appointments with ease — especially after-hours.

A professional 24-hour live answering service can schedule appointments, provide urgent and emergency dispatch, and help you capture more business. Instead of losing opportunities by not being available when your phone rings, use this service as an advantage and start winning more business. You can’t lose by having a professional team of call experts as an extension of your office. AnswerPro ensures your phones are always answered and that you never miss a call.

What to Look for In an HVAC Answering Service

Did you know that almost half of the home energy expenditures come from heating and cooling interior spaces?

As part of an industry that provides comfort in homes and commercial buildings through heating and air conditioning, HVAC experts are licensed to improve indoor air quality and the efficiency of a home or business.

When you think about it, the skills required to be a top-notch HVAC technician are rather complicated, which is why every customer should look for experienced and professional companies to work with. On the other hand, experienced HVAC professionals should look for the same things in an answering service provider.

Therefore, an excellent HVAC answering service is one that offers:

  • Customized Options: Every HVAC business has its unique needs. Some of them want to be unique in the way their calls are answered. Excellent answering services offer complete customization.  Custom call instructions can be created based on the types of calls that come, such as emergency service and after-hours requests.
  • 24/7 Availability: Another essential thing to look for in a live answering service is 24/7 coverage. When people need HVAC service, they usually need help right away, no matter what time of day or night. Your answering service provider should have the ability to accurately manage and dispatch emergency calls as well as provide instant notification to you or your on-call staff.
  • Affordable Pricing: Even though hiring an HVAC answering service is a smart move, it still has to make sense financially. What could help in a scenario like this is to see transparent pricing and a breakdown for each of the live answering service options. This can help you choose a plan that fits your needs and consider a higher plan that you can scale with in the future.
  • Ability to Support with Overflow Calls: Not every HVAC answering service comes with dozens of professionally trained call agents. If you are an HVAC professional, you know that answering every call is almost impossible during busy periods and peak hours. The volume of calls that come in doesn’t make the situation easy. This is why you should look for an HVAC answering service with reliable coverage across all channels to promptly answer every call.
  • Professionalism: We already addressed how important it is to have all of your calls answered by a lively, solution-oriented, and professional call expert. Professional answering services lead by example, and hiring one should show you that your customers are treated politely, and your outsourced agents are doing their best to maintain and improve your company’s image and reputation. 

Generally speaking, an HVAC answering service should be treated not as a third-party service, but as partner and an extension of your business. So, it is essential to communicate all of these values with the service provider you select.

How Can AnswerPro Help Your HVAC Company Build Toward Success?

At AnswerPro, we are committed to helping HVAC businesses build a competitive edge, earn more business, and have enough time to manage their daily operations efficiently. Our team of professional call experts are trained to answer phones politely, professionally, and gather messaging and dispatching details accurately.

Our mission is to keep the cost of answering services low and inspire more business owners to see the value of hiring an answering service. Our affordable pricing options enable you to reduce labor costs, capture more business, and increase your profit.

If you want to learn more about our award-winning HVAC answering service solutions, visit this link or call us now at 877-573-6981.