Streamline Your Dental Office Operations With Live Answering and Appointment Scheduling Services

Today’s live answering and appointment scheduling services are far more versatile than many may think. If you work in a dental office, you should know that outsourcing your call answering and appointment scheduling to an answering service can benefit your staff in your day-to-day operations.

To begin with, we know how much work is required to manage a busy dental office successfully. From confirming appointments, and screening calls, to new patient intake, answering the phone quickly is not always doable. That is why we designed our live answering service specifically for dental offices – making your daily administrative tasks more effective and organized.

With an outsourced telephone answering service for your dental office, you won’t have to worry about missing another call. At AnswerPro, we pride ourselves on our professionally certified call agents that are experts in answering patient questions such as scheduling dental services, booking appointments, and providing basic information.

Answering Services For Dentists

A live answering service for dental offices can also assist in emergencies, where staff might be out of the office or patients might need information immediately. In addition, our services ensure flexible message delivery without missed calls and leaves a great first impression to every caller.

Our primary telephone answering services for dental offices include:

  • 24/7 Live Answering Services: Available anytime your staff isn’t, we’re here to assist you with providing professional call answering and appointment scheduling services. We can also provide essential information to callers about your office hours, procedures, locations, availability, and other frequently asked questions.
  • After-Hours Emergency Answering Services: We’re here to answer any call, especially after-hours emergency calls. Our experienced call agents can determine if the caller truly has an emergency that can’t wait or if their inquiry is routine and can be addressed by your office on the next business day. In addition, we can reach you or your on-call staff via text, phone, or email, ensuring you never miss an emergency call.
  • Appointment Scheduling and Reminders: We are here to fill up your calendar. Our job is to transform your calls into appointments and increase efficiency while preventing miscommunication between patients and your dental office.

AnswerPro’s dental office answering service is HIPAA compliant, which means we keep all patient information secure and confidential. Plus, we are available 24/7/365, which is excellent as many calls occur outside of regular business hours. Having a live agent available at all times is an immediate benefit that reassures no call goes unanswered and that patients are confident they can always reach you.

Supporting Your Day-To-Day Operations

Our goal is to become an extension of your practice as a reliable and trusted partner for years to come. We can support your office staff by answering phones, scheduling appointments, or supporting your daily operations. We will integrate with your staff and systems seamlessly. You will soon see how efficient your practice becomes.

For more information about our professional answering services for dental offices, contact us today! 877-573-698.