How a Legal Intake Answering Service Supports Attorneys and Law Offices

Attorneys that work with a legal answering service have several advantages that help them expand their practices, offer superior client service, and more.One of the worst things that can happen to a caller who contacts your office seeking legal advice is for them to hear an automated recording that says something to the effect of “Your call is important to us, so please leave a message.” In reality, people hear, “We’re too busy to help you, so go somewhere else.” Your objective is not to give that impression, and you would like to make sure that every caller can speak with someone helpful immediately, but you or your employees are too busy to answer every call as it comes in.

Ensure You Never Miss Important Calls

You’re occupied taking care of other clients, putting together a case, appearing in court, or even attempting to spend some time with family after work. In times like these, assistance from an in-house admin assistant has limitations. Even if you have a receptionist on duty to answer incoming calls, welcome guests, and assist with administrative tasks, they frequently need more time to ensure that every call is promptly responded to.

Therefore, it is likely that callers who are sent to voicemail won’t leave a message. But even if you reply as soon as the following day, there’s a strong probability you’ve already lost that potential client. People who need legal assistance don’t typically leave voicemails and patiently wait for a callback. If they don’t talk with someone from your office immediately, they’ll contact another lawyer and explain their situation. Making a good first impression may be accomplished by speaking to a real person as the initial point of contact. An accommodating legal intake call agent can reassure callers that their issue is a priority.

24-Hour Support from Professionally Certified Legal Receptionists

A law office answering service should offer 24-hour support with knowledgeable receptionists trained to handle calls for lawyers and other legal professionals. They can set appointments, start the legal intake process, answer frequently asked questions, and generally provide a polished impression of your practice.We know that attorneys rarely work a standard 9 to 5 schedule. Legal practitioners are infamous for frequently working through the night to prepare for court, research cases, and examine documentation. However, there are certain days when you get up early, stay up late, and don’t need distractions. This is where a legal answering service can assist you in achieving maximum productivity and minimize interruptions.

A Win-Win for Law Practices of all Sizes

An answering service for attorneys should be accessible around the clock to ensure your inbound calls are always answered, unlike an in-house admin team that typically leaves the office at 5 pm. This round-the-clock coverage gives you back the time you need to concentrate on creating more billable hours instead of tiresome administrative tasks and interruptions. Additionally, it can help you achieve a better work-life balance while ensuring that you take advantage of every chance to take on a new client or case.You’ll encounter particular difficulties in your career as a lawyer. A law firm answering service is frequently the best option. You want a polished voice responding to your client’s needs, bringing in new cases, and preventing needless disruptions. These are only a few of the numerous advantages that our lawyer answering services offer. Call today for a free consultation and learn more about our law office and legal intake answering services — 877-573-6981.